I’m a developer with 12+ years experience in building software and managing tech teams.

I seek to build useful software, help organisations thrive, help developers grow and improve engineering practices (not necessarily in that order).

Ship the right thing, done right.

What I do

I work for teams who need to pass a milestone, (virtually) integrated to the team, over the long term. I work remote first.

Among other things, I help tackle these challenges:

  • Inducing your team to better engineering practices and grow skills
  • Improving software delivery quality (stop testing in production)
  • Taking back control of legacy software & recover team velocity
  • Improve tech team communication & organisation

My values

Change is life. Change will happens, so you’d better be prepared to handle it.

I seek for continuous improvement. Because change will happen, status quo is not an option.

I take inspiration and I use all practices that help me product software that can change easily: Agile and Software craftsmanship manifesto, clean code, Domain Driven Design (DDD), Test driven design (TDD).

I try to build culture, mindset and skills that help technical teams embrace change.


Architecture & development Python Test driven development Team organisation Django Javascript DevOps Developer coaching