Learning is the software engineer job

Where we state that learning is a part of software engineering job

Learning is a key part of software engineering activity.

We learn to understand business domains to build appropriate solutions to solve problems.

We learn how to deliver more values for people using our software, and so for our organisations.

Design a the other part of software engineering.

We are designing software. Product in software engineering is a name, not a verb.

Roughly speaking, we learn and we design. Then, we learn from our first designs and design again.

That's fast feedback loop agile development.

All these learning are what make us valuable for the organisation.

So, how come that for so much people, learning its own craft is not a part of the daily work for a software engineer ? It is a toxic behavior and economic non-sense.

Software engineer should not have to learn and improve during their free time.

They can if they want, have the will to. But it is bonus.

To succeed in the long term, any software engineering company must save a significant amount of time (20 - 25%? ) of software engineers to learn.

Whether it is big chunk of formal learnings or day-to-day learnings.

If you are a software engineer, please dont participate to this idea that it is normal to work long unpaid times to just keep in touch with what is our core craft.